Don't Cha (Busta Version)

The Pussycat Dolls

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2005-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:42

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Music Video


  • Like

    By Mhawenilay
  • Song YES, Video NO

    By Swervin Shervin
    The song is fantastic, VIDEO NASTY; No !
  • Don't ya remix

    By Volleyball player#1
    I think they all should get solos but after that it was kool
  • Not A Hater and I'm a Girl

    By GreeneyedAngel
    I'm a girl & I love guys...but I think that these girls sound so good together when they sing...and to top it off they can dance their butt's off!!! I say stop hating & try to learn some of their cooll moves !
  • HeHe

    By Blackhawk Jack
    Has anyone else noticed that the majority of people dishing out the hate is girls judging by their username. Just thought I would add that.
  • Cocos tweet

    By Coco25478
    I love them they rock
  • Chipmunk or My Imagination?...

    By meganlhess
    This is the song Alvin sang in the dishwasher in the first Alvin & the Chipmunks song right? He is so cute❕❕🐭🐭
  • Don't cha

    By Sparkly555002
    It was cool but sometimes mostly about Nicole
  • Art kelly

    By Jas2fly
    Stepping. To. Love
  • Pathetic...

    By Ducatimic
    I'm so sick of this crap being called music. 1st, watch any live performance where they actually sing and don't lip sync, and you will find them to be no more talented than the mid-week karaoke at Applebee's. They sing off key, over sing runs in the melodies, and all are trying to out-sing each other instead of working as a group (and not a band... bands play instruments, not just sing and dance). 2nd, I'm all for showing skin to be sexy, but I'm also a fan of leaving a little for the imagination. These girls have yet to figure out what that means, but I suppose if they ever did people might actually start listening to the music and realize it is crap. Not to mention that I'm scared as **** to have a daughter now because if these ladies are examples of modern day role models, I will be forced to send her to the convent to be raised. Honestly, parents allow 8 year olds girls to listen to songs about growing up and having boobies? Where did the honestly in childhood go? Look, we all know the group is focused around one main lead singer, and the other four are exaggerated back-up singers. They are not fantastic, they don't know what true harmony is, they don't know how to be a musical group... they are simply eye-candy entertainment that the masses have allowed to be called a band. Pathetic.

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